Kelly Boddie has worked at the Metro Center Macy’s in Washington, D.C., for seven years. She suggests gift cards, perfume, scented candles, bedroom slippers, gloves and scarves as ideal holiday presents for friends and loved ones. Local 400 members should shop at union stores to “help support one another,” she said. “You’re united with our union. You have a good support system and your co-workers are with you when there are issues that arise.” Kelly has served as a shop steward for more than three years and enjoys it, “because I like being able to help people,” she said.

The holiday season is a time for giving. But each purchase you make can generate twice the gift when you shop at stores employing our Local 400 brothers and sisters.

First, of course, the gift will go to a loved one or friend. Second, the gift will support our fellow members and strengthen our union. Because the more members who buy union, the more our employers grow and the more likely they are to hire more workers, expand hours, and agree to contracts improving your wages and benefits.

“Shopping union is simply the right thing to do, during the holidays and throughout the year,” said Local 400 Secretary-Treasurer Mark P. Federici. “It’s good for your bottom line, because it enables you to buy quality products at affordable prices while receiving the best service anywhere in the world. But it’s also good for our collective bottom lines. After all, the more business union retailers receive, the stronger our union will be and the better collective bargaining agreements we’ll be able to negotiate.

“Equally important, the more union employers expand, the more the middle class will start growing again and the more our economic standing will rise,” Federici said. “It’s the ultimate win-win solution.”

Local 400 members work at many stores capable of fulfilling your holiday needs with outstanding service at affordable prices, giving you the full range of gift options. Click here for a full list of union shops in our area! Happy Holidays!

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