From Union City–After being forced to turn people away from an overflowing theater last year, the DC Labor Chorus is doubling up this Saturday, offering two performances of their annual Concert of Favorite and Sacred Songs this Saturday in Takoma Park, MD. Inspired by the striking Walmart workers, the Chorus – which led songs and chants at the Black Friday action in Maryland (“Hundreds Target MD Walmarts on Black Friday,” UC 11/26/2012) — voted to donate half the contributions they receive at their concerts to OUR Walmart. And as always, the Chorus will offer their own twist on the traditional holiday concert, featuring songs that chorus members find personally significant, leading to a wide array of songs reflecting the group’s “multicultural and multilingual” focus. Both performances are free, with donations to the Chorus and OUR Walmart welcome. – photo: DC Labor Chorus Director Elise Bryant (front) and members of the chorus perform in Bethesda; photo courtesy DC Labor Chorus