The new physical therapy room at the Tyson's Corner Kaiser Permanente. Photo by Karlyn Williams.

Last night was the grand opening of first Kaiser Permanente’s hub in McLean, Va. (8008 Westpark Dr). The 200,000 square foot, six-level facility in Tyson’s Corneris an all-inclusive facility when it comes to care. Along with 125 exam rooms and 20 medical specialties, the facility features 24-hour services including: urgent care, general radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy.

In the clinical decision unit, Kaiser aims to provide their members with an alternative to the overcrowded and often backlogged emergency rooms. When a patient arrives either by appointment or walk-in they are seen within 18 minutes and brought to a private room with all the comforts of home.

The Tyson’s Center is focused on integrated and proactive care which is made possible through the teamwork of the physicians and nurses as well as digital medical record technology. This technology keeps track of patients’ problem list, health maintenance, immunization reminders, medications and specialty comments. For example, if the patient is being seen for a hearing test, the physician may remind the patient they are due for their annual mammogram and can to schedule an appointment right then if they desire. This proactive care technology has made Kaiser Permanente’s Mid-Atlantic Region number one in the country for breast cancer screenings.

There is no need to visit or call multiple locations to schedule appointments, acquire lab results, or contact various physicians. Kaiser members can register online or download the Kaiser Permanente mobile app for iPhone or Droid to schedule their appointments, email their physicians directly, and receive lab work results with a click!