Did you know there are important differences between the traditional red fire extinguishers and the larger silver ones you may find in your work site?

Uses for RED fire extinguishers:

  • Class (A) paper, wood, cloth — TIP: Think ashes
  • Class (B) flammable/combustible liquids — TIP: Think barrel
  • Class (C) electrical — TIP: Think circuit

Uses for SILVER or CHROME fire extinguishers (these are typically located in the deli if you work at a grocery store):

  • Class (K) grease fires — TIP: Think kitchen at home use baking soda (no extinguisher)

REMEMBER: Employers are required to train employees on how to identify and use the proper extinguishers at time of hire or at least annually by certified trainer. To avoid injury please refrain from operating extinguishers unless you’ve had the proper training.

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