Carolyn Shebora (right) with fiance Peter Gentieu. Photo by Karlyn Williams.

Carolyn Shebora has served on Local 400’s Executive Board for 10 years and has been been with Safeway #4003 for almost 40 years, joining our union in 1972. Through her dedication to our union, Shebora became a shop steward in 1985. It was through her work as a shop steward that she really saw how unions are so important to people like her and her fellow union brothers and sisters.

“Union membership gives us the power to assert our rights, be paid more, to have benefits and to grieve our issues,” said Shebora. “But most importantly, it is our union membership that allows us to know that if we come to work in the morning and do our job we at least have the fighting chance to be able to come back tomorrow to our job.”

Yesterday Shebora was presented with a lifetime membership and a commemorative plaque at the monthly executive board meeting, in recognition of all of her work and loyalty to the labor movement and Local 400 throughout the years.

“It has been the greatest honor in my life to have served on this board and to have had the opportunity to be a part of this great union,” she said to the board.

“Carolyn is a great human being and one of the most dedicated members I’ve come to know,” said Local 400 Secretary-Treasurer Mark Federici. “She’s a stand up member, shop steward and exemplary executive board member who goes above and the beyond the call of duty. From all of us at Local 400 we wish her the best in her future endeavors.”