CEO Mike Duke…it's time to resign.

Angela Williamson was recently fired by Walmart. The company claimed that she had taken too many sick days, even though her absences for her illness and to care for her ailing grandmother had been approved by management. Since being fired, Williamson was evicted from her home and her daughter is now living with her grandfather while Williamson looks for a new job and a place to live.

Williamson isn’t the only one. Walmart also just fired another worker and disciplined a third, giving him his final warning. It turns out, all of the associates have something in common – they’ve been speaking out publicly about uniting their co-workers across the country for fair wages, full time hours, and, most of all, respect and dignity at Walmart – America’s largest private employer.

While Williamson was fired for taking time off to care for her sick grandmother, CEO Mike Duke and Chairman Rob Walton still have their jobs despite reports of their involvement in a reported bribery scandal and a high-level executive cover-up of the incident.

It’s time to put an end to Walmart’s double standard. Williamson started a petition calling Duke and Walton’s resignations, and help her gather 15,000 more signatures demanding their resignations and the associates reinstatement so they can bring 30,000 copies to Walmart’s shareholder meeting on June 1.

Walmart executives’ disregard for the law hurts the associates who are trying to work for a living.

Tell Duke and Walton we’ve had enough of double standards that penalize workers and protect CEOs. It’s time for them to resign. Click here to sign the petition and stand with us.