UPDATE May 24, 2012–Good News! Ryan Young has been reinstated at Safeway after the strong show of support from his union brothers and sisters and good people across the country! Read more from Daily News.

A Safeway employee in California has been suspended without pay after he stood up to a customer who was assaulting his pregnant girlfriend in the store. Workers and customers are signing a petition to demand that Safeway employee Ryan Young be allowed to return to work and paid back-wages. Young says he felt compelled to intervene when he saw a customer assaulting hispregnant girlfriend in the Del Rey Oaks, CA store where Young works, adding that his own wife is 5 months pregnant.

Despite local law enforcement’s support for Young’s action, Safeway has suspended Young without pay.

Douglas Castro, a customer at the Del Ray Oaks store, started the petition on change.org to get his job back.

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