From UFCW Blog–The Active Ballot Club (ABC), the UFCW’s political action committee, leads the charge to elect pro-worker candidates–so we don’t end up with anti-worker politicians making decisions that affect our future. ABC supports pro-worker candidates and incumbents–Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The Active Ballot Club is the only Political Action Committee that exclusively supports the interests of UFCW members, and we use this tool to fight back against attacks on workers currently happening all over the country.

Today we’re launching our 2012 ABC Contest, which runs through November 6. The rules of the 2012 ABC Contest are simple: Any UFCW member who signs-up to join the Active Ballot Club and agrees to contribute $1 or more per week, or any member who upgrades their contribution to the $1 level or more, will be entered to win one of twenty four American Express gift cards worth $500 each.

In the course of last year’s contest, nearly 10,000 UFCW members from 23 locals around the country agreed to contribute $1 or more per week to ABC. Because of the success of that ABC contest, we were able fight back in 2011 against corporate backed governors like John Kasich in Ohio by overturning “Issue 2” – the controversial law that sought to eliminate collective bargaining for hundreds of thousands of public employees in Ohio.

We stopped state legislatures in places like Missouri that wanted to make their state a non-union state by trying to pass so-called Right-to-Work legislation. We sent a strong message in Wisconsin that union members won’t stand for Governor Scott Walker’s extreme, anti-worker policies.

It doesn’t stop there. Active Ballot Club helps elect pro-worker candidates while stopping anti-worker agendas in every state. This would not be possible without the support from all of our members who are part of the Active Ballot Club. For more information on ABC and all the ways UFCW fights for the interests of working families, check out