FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                CONTACT: Willie Baker
January 18, 2012                                      (202) 291-5119

Ward 4 Thrives Organizes City Wide Town Hall to Say NO to Walmart:

DC Residents do NOT want Walmart harming their city and neighborhood

WASHINGTON,D.C., January 18  — After a year of organizing to oppose the proposed
Walmart at Georgia and Missouri Ave in their neighborhood, Ward 4
Thrives members are bringing together Ward-4 residents and residents
across the city who are opposed to Walmart .The Town Hall radio-show
will be broadcast on WPFW 89.3 FM. The Town Hall, which  will run from
9am-12pm this coming Friday, January 20, will feature community leaders
and activists from across the city, with a special focus on the
neighborhoods in Wards 4, 5, 6, and 7 where Walmart has proposed opening
its SIX stores.

“We have been opposed to the proposed Walmart at Georgia and Missouri since
the idea was first made public in November 2010,” said Ward 4 Thrives
spokesperson Willie Baker, “our elected representatives have ignored our
concerns and we think it is time to unite with groups and residents
from across DC who also understand the devastation Walmart will cause to
our city and neighborhoods.”

Tune in on Friday to hear the truth about Walmart’s track record of net job
loss, small business closure, and environmental destruction and how they
will negatively affect DC if they are allowed to open six stores here.  Ward 4 Thrives
encourages all DC residents to contact Mayor Gray(202-727-6300) and Ward-4
Councilmember Muriel Bowser (202-724-8052) and their other elected officials
to let them know, NO Walmart in Ward-4 and No Walmart in DC.

Ward 4 Thrives is neighbors, business owners, and allies committed to
community-led development in our neighborhoods. Together, we work to
stop Walmart from moving in. We believe there are alternatives and will
work with the city to find one that will bring living wage jobs,
responsible development, and just business practices to our
neighborhoods. We know that Walmart does not care about our community.
We do expect more from our elected and PAID Councilmembers! Please join
us tomorrow and call in—202-588-0893.