From Union City–The store manager at the Laurel Walmart got an unexpected surprise Wednesday during the regular morning meeting with store employees. One of the workers stood up and, backed by dozens of her co-workers and community members with the Respect DC campaign, confronted the manager about why so many Laurel Walmart associates have had their hours cut or eliminated, resulting in under-staffing at the store and smaller paychecks.

The manager tried to end the meeting, and initially refused to accept the petitions signed by his employees. Eventually he agreed to take petitions signed by community members and to hear the concerns of the community and the associates, who plan to continue their push for regular hours, adequate staffing, and respect.

“If this is how Walmart management treats their customers and employees, we don’t need them in DC,” said Dyana Forrester, a DC resident who came to support the Walmart associates. “They need to shape up and show some respect to us and their employees if they want to come to our city.”

Click here for more about OUR Walmart and Respect DC. Monday’s Labor Council Delegate Meeting (6:30p at the AFL-CIO) will feature a presentation about the OUR Walmart campaign by one of the Laurel Walmart workers.
– report/photo by Mike Wilson