Fresh & Green's employees review the contract before casting their ballot.

Natural Foods Supermarket/Restaurant Hybrid First in U.S. to Be Unionized
WASHINGTON, D.C., July 15 —Former SuperFresh workers represented by United Food & Commercial Workers Local 400 ratified a new contract yesterday and went to work as their old store in Washington, D.C., reopened under the Fresh & Green’s banner as a unique, natural foods supermarket/restaurant hybrid.

The facility, located at 4330 48th Street, N.W., was purchased by Natural Market Restaurants Corporation of Toronto, Canada, under A&P bankruptcy proceedings. It is believed to be the first U.S. store owned by the company, which also operates as Mrs. Green’s Natural Market in New York state, to operate as a union shop.

We couldn’t be more pleased that our members will stay employed, keep their health benefits, maintain their retirement security, and continue to be empowered through union representation.

After all the ballots were cast, several employees tallied the votes. The majority of the Fresh & Green's employees voted in favor of the new contract.

We urge residents of Northwest D.C. and elsewhere in the metro area to shop and eat at Fresh & Green’s. Our members provide unparalleled customer service and I believe shoppers will find Fresh & Green’s far superior to non-union competitors like Whole Foods. In addition, their purchases will support the kind of quality retail jobs Washington, D.C., needs, which in turn will give the city’s economy a boost.

This win-win agreement demonstrates that Washington, D.C., remains a union supermarket city. We will keep fighting for our members and for all retail workers who have the right to a voice in the workplace, a family-supporting job, health and retirement security, and career opportunities in their field.