UFCW President Joe Hansen’s Statement in Response to President Obama’s Immigration Reform Announcement

UFCW International President, Joe Hansen.

UFCW International President Joe Hansen released the following statement yesterday in response to President Obama’s immigration reform announcement:
“The UFCW supports President Obama’s effort today in El Paso, Texas, to make immigration reform—an important part of our country’s path to economic recovery—a priority. The United States has successfully established border security, which is an important part of solving our nation’s immigration challenge. But, it is only a piece. We have a moral and economic obligation to move forward on a path that brings the 11 million immigrant workers out of the shadows and into the full light of our democracy and our economy.
“President Obama’s speech today provided a platform for elected leaders from both parties to build an immigration system that secures our borders and strengthens our laws while honoring our country’s history as a nation of immigrants. The UFCW supports the president’s vision for commonsense, comprehensive immigration reform that is grounded on the principles of responsibility and accountability.
“As Americans, it is imperative that all members of our society have an opportunity to be a part of the American dream—including working for decent wages and benefits, owning a home and sending their children to college. The UFCW represents workers from all parts of the world working side by side together in our nation’s meatpacking, food processing, and poultry plants, as well as supermarkets and retail stores. We are proud of the diversity of our 1.3 million members, and we will continue to work with community partners and lawmakers to make immigration reform a reality.”