DC Rally for WI 2/23/11 from UFCW Local 400 on Vimeo.


Chanting, “2-4-6-8, union rights in every state,” the fired-up crowd took over North Capitol Street as protesters blew whistles and waved signs showing their solidarity with public sector workers in Wisconsin and across the country.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker proposed a bill last week to help the $3.5 billion deficit in the state of Wisconsin. If passed, public sector employees including teachers, would have to pay more into their pensions and health care premiums.

Union Leaders said they would go along with those plans, however they wanted to preserve collective bargaining rights.

Tw0-thousand DC area workers, teachers, students, religious and community allies spilled out into North Capitol Street that runs in front on the Hall of States courtyard.

They were there to support the Wisconsin workers and to show that the struggle they are facing is not about money it’s about power. It’s about Gov. Walker and other state politicians trying to bust the unions.

(Jerome Brocks, Former chairmen of the political actions committee with the Washington’s teacher union)

“This will be a domino effect, if it goes over in Wisconsin and Ohio and Indiana, it will happen all over the country. And what we have to say today is we’re not standing for it. Union members need to come out and protect the rights of workers in this country.”

Wisconsin’s assembly agreed early Thursday to vote on the controversial bill, which passed due to the republican majority. The bill will go on to the state senate, where the 14 democratic senators are still missing in action.

There was a win for Indiana when Republican lawmakers withdrew a “right to work” for less bill that drew thousands of protesters to the state’s Capitol building. Workers still remain to continue the protests against other anti-worker bills.

And in Ohio, protesters continue to fight the Senate Bill # 5 that would end collective bargaining for state workers.

This Saturday there were rally’s all over the nation to “Save the American Dream.”

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For UFCW Local 400 this has been Karlyn Williams, communications and social media coordinator.

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