rally sign

Union supporter holds a sign high at the DC rally yesterday held at the Hall of States Courtyard on Capitol Hill. The 2,000 DC area workers, students, religious and community allies spilled out into North Capitol Street that runs in front on the courtyard. Photo by Karlyn Williams.

The Wisconsin Assembly has reached a decision after a 40-hour discussion to vote on the bill that will oust collective bargaining rights for public sector workers. The bill is predicted to pass in the Assembly due to the Republican majority. After the Assembly the bill will move on to the State’s Senate, where 14 Democratic senators are still missing in action. Troopers were dispatched early Thursday to the homes of the senators in attempts to pressure their return to Wisconsin and break the impasse on a budget bill. The State Senate just needs one Democratic senator to return to vote on the bill.¬†Read the full story on www.washingtonpost.com