For Immediate Release                                                                   February 16, 2011


Washington DC–Mr. Speaker, working America can’t afford losing another one million jobs. Working people have already paid and paid again for the devastation caused to our economy by Wall Street gamblers and irresponsible bankers.
Loss of wages, loss of retirement funds, loss of health care—tens of millions of working families have already been driven to the edge of despair by our nation’s economic collapse. Your remark, “So be it,” to the loss of approximately another million jobs that would occur from your proposed cuts to the federal budget defies both logic and basic fairness.
Mr. Speaker, our country needs common-sense deficit reduction that brings down spending without harming economic growth and destroying livelihoods. Cutting community and family supporting jobs in midst of some of the  worst unemployment rates in recent American history is like slamming on the brakes as America is just beginning to get rolling again.


About Change to Win: Change to Win is a 5.5-million member partnership of four unions founded in 2005 to represent workers in the industries and occupations of the 21st century economy. Change to Win is committed to restoring the American Dream for a new generation of workers – wages that can support a family, affordable health care, a secure retirement, and  opportunity for the future. The affiliated unions are: United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Service Employees International Union , International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and United Farm Workers of America.

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