Ana Mcie

Ana M. Mcie – Kroger 776, representative–Chuck Miller. She just came to Kroger in august and this was her first job after being on active duty with the Army.
Parisha Khalili-Bloomingdale’s, representative–Eben Levey
William (Ken) Mayo– Kroger 328, representative–Mark Collins. William is fuel center mgr. Married with 2 children. Been with the company since 9-8-10.
Putra K. Kusdarman – Safeway 2616, representative–Tom Rogers

Williams (Ken) Mayo

Congratulations! I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to you for your participation in the Active Ballot Club.  In appreciation of your participation in the program your name was drawn from the UFCW Regional Office as the winner of a $500.00 gift card.

The Active Ballot Club program provides Local 400’s financial resources, enabling us to have the opportunity to make contributions to candidates and elected officials who fight to protect the rights of working families, who take action to raise our economic standing, improve the quality of lives and support us in our contract battles.

It is a new day for Working Families and you make a difference!  Thank you.