Join the Living Wages Healthy Communities  Coalition at the MLK Peacewalk!

MLK Peacewalk Flyer

When: Monday January 17, 2011 at 9:00 a.m.
Where: Meet at the Anacostia Metro Station, near the exit to the “Kiss and Ride”
Look for the Coalition’s Banner that will read: Walmart: Respect DC

Why: “On Martin Luther King, Jr., day 2011, we are reminded how relevant Dr. King’s moral leadership is to the struggles Washington, D.C., residents face today.

Dr. King was martyred standing up for Memphis sanitation workers who were on strike for their right to dignity, respect and a living wage.

If we are to uphold his legacy, we must apply his wisdom and courage to the dilemma posed by Walmart’s plans to open four stores in our great city.

That’s because America’s largest employer disrespect its workers by paying below-poverty wages with few benefits. It denies simple dignities–for example, a jury found that Walmart forced workers to miss rest breaks and work off-the-clock. Walmart would hurt our community, too, by forcing competitors with better jobs to close.

As residents of the capital of this rich nation, we deserve more than starvation wages. We deserve better than moral miss deeds committed by one of the wealthiest companies on earth. We deserve respect.” (Flyer text)