In the season of giving, Local 400 has adopted 3 families. Open your hearts this year and give to families that are less fortunate.

Family 1- Mother with 2 kids, ages 14 & 16.

The mother wears a size 13 pants/large shirt
14-year-old male wears size 14L/large shirts, and loves to read, draw/art, and video/computer games.
16-year-old Autistic male, functions at a 4 year old level, wears same size as 14-year-old, likes stuffed animals, Elmo/Sesame Street, anything soft he can manipulate with his hands.

Family 2-two adult females

Thinking of gift cards to grocery store/clothing stores since no size chart was provided.

Family 3-Lost everything in a house fire.
Mother with 8 kids. Ages 19, 12, 11, 10, 9, 5, 5, 4

19-year-old female wears size large, likes boys clothing
12-year-old female wears size 2x women’s
11-year-old female wears size x-large women’s
10-year-old male wears size 18 pants

9-year-old male wears size 14 pants
5-year-old twin girls wear size 7-8
4-year-old male wears size 6 boys

*Please wrap all gifts and place in boxes provided at Local 400’s front desk for each family. Also, please state on name tag of gift age/sex.

Deadline December 17, 2010

We appreciate your support during this holiday season!