Thanks to your hard work over the last year, Congress passed a health care reform bill that was signed into law by President Obama. This landmark reform is a hard-fought victory for UFCW members and working families across the country.

The new reforms will change the face of America’s health care system over the coming years. Some changes will be gradual, while others will go into effect this year. Here are some of the positive changes we will see in the next six months:

  • Anyone refused health insurance because of a pre-existing condition can get coverage through a special insurance program.
  • Children can stay on their parents’ insurance longer – until they are 26 years old.
  • Senior citizens will get a $250 rebate for prescription drugs – the first step to closing the “donut hole” in Medicare drug coverage.
  • Small businesses get significant tax credits for providing health insurance to their employees.

To learn more about health care reform and how it will affect you, visit or A copy of this information is available to download as a leaflet.