Don’t Let Kroger Cheat Courtesy Clerks

If you work at a Kroger store in the Roanoke region, you know courtesy clerks have a tough job to do.  They are the lowest paid employees in the store and have little to no opportunity for advancement.

Kroger justifies this practice by saying courtesy clerks are only responsible for a limited set of duties – such as bagging groceries and returning shopping carts. If a courtesy clerk is assigned work above and beyond their normal duties, he or she is supposed to get paid more for doing that work. But we all know that more than not, Kroger is cheating these workers out of the higher pay they deserve.

With your help, we can put a stop to this and get courtesy clerks a raise. If you work as a courtesy clerk, or if you see a courtesy clerk at your store doing work he or she shouldn’t have to do, fill out the form below and a union representative will follow up with you.

If three violations are reported at your store, the courtesy clerk “classification” – not the courtesy clerks themselves – will be eliminated. All future hires will start at a higher pay rate. As long as the violations occur at the same store, no matter how far apart they happen, and even if they involve a different manager or a different courtesy clerk, that Kroger store has only three strikes to stop violating this part of the contract.


  • Please submit any photo evidence showing the courtesy clerk doing work he or she shouldn’t have to do.